Surgical Weight-Loss Specialists

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Dr. Felix Spiegel brings back good old fashion values to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

There is no substitute for experience!

Surgical Weight-Loss Specialists offers a full range of weight-loss options including Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass/RNY, the new Gastric Sleeve and of course Adjustable Gastric Banding.

When Dr. Felix Spiegel first opened his TLC (Texas Laparoscopy Center) office, he made sure his patients receive TLC. By spending time to develop a trusting bond.between patient and doctor, Dr. Spiegel’s patients were able to achieve tremendous weight-loss results that they had previously been unable to accomplish without Dr. Spiegel’s support and individual attention.

As Dr. Spiegel became one of the more experienced weight-loss surgeons in the country his practice name became SWS (Surgical Weight-Loss Specialists). His goal was to bring back the good old fashion values and one-on-one attention that he had given his patients when practicing in a small town in Southeast Texas.

Dr. Spiegel has changed his practice to ensure personalized to every patient.

Now at Surgical Weight-Loss Specialists, Dr, Spiegel will offer patients individual consultations to allow him to really get to know you and together decide on the procedure that best suits your lifestyle and give you the tool to be successful in your goals. Dr. Spiegel’s name is also recognized for giving thousands of patients a second chance at permanent weight-loss with his revision procedures and individual attention.

At all locations of SWS, there are now mornings, afternoons and after work evening appointments available as late as 6:30 for the convenience of our patients.

We will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.
After surgery, each patient will be given a dedicated “personal consultant” who is a patient and staff member of SWS. Your personal consultant can answer questions about their experiences with weight-loss surgery. Existing patients will also see a difference with the availability and amount of time Dr. Spiegel spends with you during your follow up or adjustments. And at every SWS location, you’ll find state-of-the-art offices with the latest x-ray and Barium machines for excellent follow up after surgery.

Discover the difference the personal attention of Dr. Spiegel can make when it comes to successful permanent weight-loss.

“I have helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off and I can help”

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    “My brother’s death sent a message to my daughter and me. His battle with excessive weight had created health conditions that caused his death. When Charlie told me about her plan to have bariatric surgery, I not only supported her but scheduled an appointment for myself. I weighed 275 pounds at the time. “Charlie and I live and work together. It is so beautiful to witness firsthand the change in our lives. With seven children in my home and working full time, I need all of the energy I can get! Weight loss surgery has not only changed Charlie and my life, but has given us the advantage of living a healthy life.”

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    “At the height of my weight gain, I was 290 pounds. I was tired all of the time. I also had joint and liver medical problems and had been told that the fat around my liver was accumulating. I knew that that condition could be fatal. “My primary care physician recommended that I explore my weight loss options through bariatric surgery. She suggested that I see Dr. Spiegel. “I listened and began my research. I had the surgery and am so glad that I did. I lost 15 pounds during the first month and that was good because it was during the holidays. Every month since, I have lost ten additional pounds. That was over a year ago. My life has certainly changed. “I can now run and play with my children without effort. I have so much energy! My ambition and my self- confidence have returned. And, believe it or not I am pursuing a career that I am going to culinary school and my hope is that I can help others eat well and stay healthy.”

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    “In 2005, I had a gastric band placed. I weighed 300 pounds at that time and lost 75 pounds fairly quickly. After that, I experienced complications that required the gastric band to be removed. I gained the 75 pounds back and my weight climber up to 323 pounds. “My weight began to take a toll on my health. I decided to meet with Dr. Spiegel He suggested that I try the gastric sleeve surgery. I agreed and now weigh 172 pounds and am still continuing to lose weight. “Before I had this surgery, I was able to walk short distances but with great effort. I had no energy and was unable to be active with my children, who are now 17, 11, and 8. “Today, I am very involved with my children and share every activity that I can with them. It makes me very proud that they love the way I look. I am the smallest that I have ever been in my adult life.”

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    “When I was active in the military, I was a big guy but not what I would consider overweight. However, once I left my sedentary lifestyle created excessive weight gain. It became difficult to do the activities that I was used to and my body began to ache from reaching 406 pounds. “I have always had the desire to be a pilot. I looked into becoming one but was very sad that my weight made it impossible for me to pursue my pilot’s license. A friend of mine was a flight surgeon and he suggested that I contact Dr. Spiegel to see if he could help me keep my weight under control. “Since my weight loss surgery, I have lost 170 pounds. Though skeptical in the beginning, my family has been supportive throughout this journey. Today, I cannot only fit in a private plane, but I can fly it! My weight loss surgery helped me realize my dream of becoming a pilot.”